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A journey that is 16 years

SonicPanel is a developer owned company. It has been developed by the WHMSonic developer team. It took 3 years of development to bring you the SonicPanel. After 16 years of experience with WHMSonic and linux servers, the SonicPanel is born. WHMSonic was first released in 2004 and made 16 years of service. We at SonicPanel are 1 head developer of total 3 developers and 2 sales colleagues. All 3 developers are 10 years of linux and server security experts and dedicated their self to coding with love. The SonicPanel is a registered business in USA and it has 2 international branches. Sonic company and its services are trusted by the top datacenters and hosting companies world wide. Currently SonicPanel serve %80 of the internet radios today.

Our mission is to provide and maintain the most advanced and technological radio hosting control panel software to hosting companies, datacenters and FM/internet radios. We do know what you need in order to success in radio hosting services, we do know what your radio hosting clients need, so we shape our software accordingly.

SonicPanel is not just a radio control panel, it is a complete radio hosting control panel and manager.
What makes us different is the quality, we provide the top quality software with the experience of 16 years.

We're stronger with you all of our valuable clients, we thank you for making us exist for more than 15 years.
We're dedicated our self to serv your company as best as we can.


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